The Artists MONSTA X, AB6IX, ITZY, Rocket Punch, Golden Child
Ticket price AUD $15 (tax included) * A separate fee will be charged at the time of payment.
Ticketing website showticks.com/bmf
Credits Organizer: Bbangya TV
Ticket distribution management: SHOWTICKS.COM
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Ticket sales

  • After purchasing the ticket, you will receive an order acceptance completion email by email. A reservation number is required to watch live. Please be sure to refrain from it.
  • The order acceptance completion email will be sent from "admin@showticks.com". Please set it so that it can be received in advance.
  • Especially for mobile mail, we recommend you set the reception permission instead of the rejection setting.
  • In addition, it may be classified as junk mail, so please check it. Please note that refunds cannot be made due to reasons for non-delivery of emails.

How to watch

  • Connect to https://www.bbangyatv.com/ When connecting for the first time, you need to register as a member and log in. Please set a nickname for the chat used when joining as a member.
  • After moving to the live viewing page, click the certification button. The button to certify will be generated from 17:00 on January 13th.
    Please be careful not to lose the reservation number you sent until then.
  • Live viewing page
  • Select the place of purchase, enter the reservation number (order number) and the reservation email address, and then press the confirmation button to complete the authentication. That will be it – you are done.
  • After the certification is completed, you can access the viewing page from 1 hour before the performance starts (January 16th, 14:00) and enjoy 2021 BMF.
  • If you cannot watch the performance from 1 hour before the performance starts after the certification is completed, please reload. 


  • This performance will be held online. Please prepare the internet environment, equipment, etc. required for live viewing in advance before purchasing. The communication fee will be borne by the customer.
  • We are not responsible for any problems caused by your internet environment or viewing environment.
  • We will inform you of the completion of order acceptance, confirmation email, etc. by email. Please be sure to set the domain designation before applying so that you can receive emails from "showticks.com".
  • Because it is a live broadcast, if you log in from the middle, you will be able to watch from that point in advance.
  • The start of distribution may be delayed depending on the situation on the day.
  • Cancellations, changes, and refunds are not possible due to reasons other than postponement or cancellation of the performance after purchasing the ticket.
  • Only one screen can be viewed with one count.
  • This performance is a live broadcast for a fee. All rights are owned by the organizer. Screen recording, shooting, and recording with cameras, smartphones, etc. are all prohibited. In addition, if you reprint or share it on a video site without permission, you may be held liable.

Sale period: January 8th (Friday) 9:00 to January 11, 2020 (Monday) 23:59

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Ticket purchasers can watch live online streaming of '2021 BMF (BBANGYA MUSIC FESTIVAL)' through internet streaming.

Saturday 16 January 2021, 2:00 PM - 11:59 PM

VenueOnline Streaming Event

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Saturday 16 January 2:00pm - 11:59pm

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Online Streaming Event


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This performance will be held online.

This performance will be held online. Please prepare the internet environment, equipment, etc. required for live viewing in advance before purchasing. The communication fee will be borne by the customer.